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Introducing refFinder:

refFinder is a website for fencing referees to find local jobs and for fencing tournament organizers to find qualified referees.

Before refFinder, local fencing meets were complicated:

When a club or a school wanted to organize a meet, they would have to rely on their contacts and friends of a friend to find referees. Referees would be left waiting in the dark, hoping that their phone would ring.

Because there was no organized way of hiring local referees, tournament organizers would often end up hiring less-qualified referees they just happened to know. And when it came time to pay the referees, well, that was even more complicated.

But now there's refFinder. refFinder lets referees browse upcoming tournaments in their area for jobs and allows tournament organizers to list jobs and hire USFA qualified referees. At the conclusion of the tournament, organizers pay referees through a simple and secure online payment and which referees receive instantaneously.

Benefits for Referees:

With refFinder, refereeing local fencing tournaments is easy

When you are looking for work: you can browse and search for upcoming events in your area.  refFinder remembers your USFA Referee Ratings and only shows you tournaments that you are qualified to referee.

When you have been hired: you receive an email from refFinder with the details of your tournament.  After you ref the tournament, the organizer will pay you through PayPal.  Instead of waiting for checks in the mail that never seem to come, you can instantly transfer the money from PayPal to your bank account.

Even when you are sleeping: refFinder is still working for you.  When organizers create events, they can browse a list of qualified referees in their area and invite you to referee a tournament you didn't even know about.

Benefits for Tournament Organizers:

With refFinder, organizing local fencing tournaments is easy

When you post a tournament: you create events like "Epee 6 or Better on Jan 1st". You can then search through a list of qualified referees in your area and invite a few you think may be interested.  The event also appears in the listings and searches of qualified referees in the area.  We manually check and approve each referee's USFA rating so only qualified referees can be hired.

When a referee applies for a job: you receive an immediate email alert with a link to hire the referee.  When you hire the referee, they immediately receive an email confirmation.

When the tournament is over: you pay all of the referees in one simple and secure PayPal payment

About Us:

Why was refFinder created?

refFinder was started for that Fencer who lost their bout due to an unqualified referee who was hired because no competent referees could be found to officiate.

refFinder was started for the tournament organizer who despite countless emails to the few referees he or she does know, gets hardly any replies in return and has to stress over whether they will have enough directors for their tournament.

refFinder was made for the few, amazing, and special people who are qualified and choose to referee on a professional level who are tired of waiting for that check to cash and who would love to officiate more tournaments if they could just find them.

refFinder was made for the student fencer who doesn't have the time to get a steady part-time job because of the time restraints practice and school puts on them but still would love the weekend pay that directing a tournament offers.

You see, refFinder was created not just for the coaches, not just for the fencers, and not just for the referees, but for Fencing, plain and simple Fencing.

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