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Before refFinder, local fencing meets were complicated:

refFinder brings the convenience of the internet to the once burdensome process of finding referees. By allowing tournament organizers to list jobs, search through a comprehensive database of officials and then select who they wish to hire while simultaneously allowing referees to browse through a list of open tournaments and apply to referee them all on their own, refFinder gives you potential to double the speed of how fast a referee can find a job and how fast tournament organizers can find referees!

refFinder also allows Tournament Organizers to choose how they want to pay their officials! Whether it's in-person using cash/check, through the mail, or they choose to use refFinder's PayPal Payment system to pay all of their referees with one easy click, refFinder gives them the freedom to choose!

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Find Tournaments to Referee

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refFinder simplifies the hiring process and allows you to begin marketing your own skills:

Find Jobs: Browse through upcoming events based on pay, the date, or distance and apply to referee them all on your own! refFinder remembers your USFA Referee Ratings and only shows you tournaments you are qualified to referee.

When you get hired: You receive an email from refFinder with the details of the tournament. After you ref the tournament the organizer has the option to pay you directly in-person, through the mail or to pay you using PayPal which allows you to instantly transfer the money from PayPal to your bank account!

Even when you are sleeping refFinder is still working for you! When organizers create events, they browse through a list of qualified referees and can invite you to officiate a tournament you didn't even know about!

For more information on how refFinder works for referees, please visit our policies page.


Find Referees for your Tournament

Finding Referees Just Got A Whole Lot Easier:

Find them: When you post your tournament with refFinder, not only will you be able to search through our extensive database of qualified officials and offer positions with one click, but your events also get placed into our tournament catalogue, allowing officials that meet your qualifications to apply to referee all on their own!

Hire them: Phone calls and writing custom emails are now in the past! After finding the officials who meet your standards on our database (i.e. "Epee 6 or Better"), our easy one click 'Hire' will send them notification of the offering and their simplified reply (Accept or Decline) will be sent back to you. Instant. Elegant. Easy.

Alternatively, you may hire from a list of applicant officials, targeted to only those who meet your qualifications, who have found your event through our parallel database designed for the refs themselves. All under our simple one click solution. Never be short staffed again.

Pay them: Do you pay your officials with cash/check in-person or through the mail? Worry not, refFinder doesn't restrict you no matter what your preferred payment method.

Additionally, refFinder offers PayPal integration, allowing you to pay all of your officials with the simple click of ONE button. Say goodbye to the hassle of writing multiple checks and the risk involved with withdrawing large sums of cash necessary when paying your officials! refFinder allows you to speed up the process and post your payment to each and every referee's personal PayPal account you hired with one modest click of your mouse.

For more information on how refFinder works for tournament organizers, please visit our policies page.


About Us

Why was refFinder created?

refFinder was started for that Fencer who lost their bout due to an unqualified referee who was hired because no competent referees could be found to officiate.

refFinder was started for the tournament organizer who despite countless emails to the few referees he or she does know, gets hardly any replies in return and has to stress over whether they will have enough directors for their tournament.

refFinder was made for the few, amazing, and special people who are qualified and choose to referee on a professional level who are tired of waiting for that check to cash and who would love to officiate more tournaments if they could just find them.

refFinder was made for the student fencer who doesn't have the time to get a steady part-time job because of the time restraints practice and school puts on them but still would love the weekend pay that directing a tournament offers.

You see, refFinder was created not just for the coaches, not just for the fencers, and not just for the referees, but for Fencing, plain and simple Fencing.

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